Three facts about Factory24

FACTORY24 is a clothes importer from France, Italy, Turkey and United Kindom with dynamically changing offers. Every week we share to our customers new collections of brand new and trendy clothes.

We dedicate our services to small and medium shops which want to extend theirs offer on unique models from Europe and get access to advanced buisness tools like website and analysis of sales results.

Though cooperation with us doesn't cost you anything, gives you profits - time and money. There aren't any pressure from us. YOU make a decision about scale and term of order implementation and single-handedly manage whole tools which our e-platform gives to you.


Wholesale prices
Professional service

Extended offer


Find us:

1. incoming collection:

2. full offer with parameters of sizes and colors: e-platforma FACTORY   

3. images and promotions: Facebook/Factory24pl 



Retail sales
Joanna Miecznikowska
tel. kom.: (+48) 575 101 283

Wioletta Twardowska
mobile phone: (+48) 784 000 935
On-line wholesale company


What Factory24 is?

Beause of the fact that development of fashion escalte very quickly, every week we provide new collection: over 50 different models from France, Italy, United Kindoms and Turkey. In Factory24 - YOU decide about size of your order and term of its implmentation. Cooperation with us doesn't cost anything and don't put on any responsibilities.

Belonging to purchase group

Distributor, who is the member of Factory24 society, through his belonging to purchase group, is provided the possibility of obtaining assistance in crisis situations. The assistance relating to trade support, technical support or ultimately financial support. Belonging to nationwide purchase group increases Distributor’s market reliability and opens him access to up-to-date solutions.

E-platform service package

We access to our partners professional Web site of Distributor’s firm and e-shop. It may be a new channel about information about the Company and new sale channel. E-platform services increase Company’s reliability and its effectiveness in customers acquiring. (particularly the loyalty program).