Factory FAQ


  1. FACTORY e-platform is a project consisting in “group import” of new clothing in accordance with the designs from the latest collections. The clothes are imported from such countries as Import Italy, France, Turkey, India, and Pakistan. For clients interested in new, cheap, mass-production clothes we import clothing also from China.
  1. The e-platform gathers clothing trading companies from all over the country to form one consolidated purchasing group. Such a group directly imports goods through the platform operator, and guarantees delivery date up to 7 days (excluding India and China).
  1. The e-platform buys only stocks of new clothes, by weight and all the participants of a purchasing group buy clothes by weight.  Such a system allows all the participants to reduce the cost by more than 50%.


A scheme specifying our  FACTORY service:


The minimum batch size depends on the client category. Clients are divided into two groups:

  1. Sole Distributors for a given region, who make purchases at so-called „import” prices. A minimum purchase amount in this group ranges from PLN 3,000 do 5.000 net. Each imported container with clothes will have a determined value of such a minimum amount of purchase.
  2. Authorized clothes shops with a FACTORY trade mark making purchases at so-called „wholesale” prices. A minimum purchase amount in this group is PLN 1,500 net. 



The ordered goods can be paid in the following way:

  1. Prepayment - when placing an order with the FACTORY e-platform; 
  2. When the goods are delivered to a  Distributor or when the goods are collected from a FACTORY warehouse; 
  3. With a deferred payment date – that is, after the goods are delivered to a Distributor.

Detailed payment terms and conditions are specified in the registration agreement.


For the goods purchased on the  FACTORY e-platform payment shall be made into the bank account of the EC CAPITAL Company Ltd.

Details to be entered in the payment documents:

In the column ‘’Recipient”:
ulica Jeleńska 56
13-230 Lidzbark
NIP: 5711600205

In the column ‘’Transfer title”:
Number of accumulation for which the payment is to be made.

In the column ‘’Recipient’s account number”:
The bank account number that was assigned to the client in the registration agreement and was recorded in  § 4.1 of the agreement.


Distributors, who will need cash for making purchases on the FACTORY e-platform may use the  FACTORY e-platform purchase financing offer.

Information on this subject is included in the FINANCING bookmark.

Financial settlements between a Distributor and the FACTORY e-platform will be made in PLN (Polish zlotys). Import prices will be presented in USD (American dollars) ($) or in EUR (the euro) (€) and will be converted into PLN at a current exchange rate effective on the ordering date.

Yes, they can, but only in the seat or warehouse of the FACTORY e-platform. In exceptional cases cash payment can be made to the Regional Representative, who will collect the cash in the Distributor’s seat.

In order to obtain ‘’import” prices, it is required to be a Distributor for a given region. The FACTORY 

e-platform has formed 49 regions (ex-provinces), from which a company will be chosen and will have the status of a sole Distributor.


Sole Distributors may change. A change may take place when a sole Distributor does not make purchases at the e-platform. 

No, there is no obligation to do so, but if purchases are not made for a couple of months, an exclusive dealing agreement may be terminated.

Delivery dates will depend on the country from which  the goods are imported:

  1. Western European countries + Turkey – 7 days
  2. Far East (India, China) – 30 days

The market for new clothes in Poland operates on the basis of the following scheme:

Presently, Distributors, being wholesalers or semi-wholesalers, do not import clothes in container quantities on their own. 

The clothes market is constructed in such a way that the existence of a large number of agents causes price increases and the agents “rake in” profit margins that, in the FACTORY project, will be taken by a Distributor.

In the FACTORY project a Distributor becomes an importer. The status of an importer guarantees the lowest possible price, which results in the reduction of purchase prices even by as much as up to 50%.

Yes, it is. Collection of goods by the Distributor itself is possible from the FACTORY warehouse, which is situated in the vicinity of Warsaw.

Yes, it will be possible to check the quality of the goods prior to purchasing, in the following way:

  1. On the basis of photographs and descriptions placed on the FACTORY e-platform
  2. On the basis of samples available for presentation in the FACTORY warehouse (in the showroom);
  3. On the basis of samples available for presentation during FACTORY-organized local meetings with Distributors

As regards deliveries in the territory of Poland, the FACTORY e-platform collaborates with courier companies.  The price of delivery equals the courier company price in conformity with an effective pricelist.

Deliveries will be made to every place in Poland. Delivery date – up to 48 hours. 

The FACTORY e-platform buys in selected warehouse stocks. Collections in such stocks usually do not repeat. The probability of a repeated collection is very low. It should be assumed that collections will not repeat.

Each batch will be imported with a determined importation surplus. It will be possible to lodge an additional order for goods within the framework of such surplus. 

There are no determined delivery days.  Each delivery will be advised, while a date for the delivery of goods to a FACTORY warehouse in Poland will be defined with 48 hours’ accuracy for each count of accumulation and will be displayed in electronic orders lodged by the Distributors.

There are three steps to be able to order goods via the e-platform: 

Step 1

To sign a registration agreement - to this end it is necessary to contact with a Regional Representative or  the Head Office.

Step 2

To register oneself on the e-platform, www.factory24.pl

Step 3

To place an order for some definite goods in an accumulation.

In order to sell goods through the agency of the e-platform it is necessary to sign a distribution agreement. To this end it is necessary to contact with a Regional Representative or, in the Head Office in Lidzbark, with Ms. Jolanta Jasionowska, at telephone number(+48) 664 026 174, jolanta.jasionowska@msb.net.pl ,  the Office at telephone number: (23) 696 28 39, lidzbark@msb.net.pl

The loyalty programme consists in collecting points for the purchases made via the e-platform and their exchange for tangible prizes.  Similarly to what is applied in fuel stations. The number of accumulated points and the types of prizes we can get will be checked at www.kartaklienta.net

 The costs of prizes and their delivery are covered by the  e-platform.

The loyalty programme is directed to retail customers who in Distributors’  shops purchase the goods which were bought previously from the e-platform.

 The loyalty programme  details can be found at the address: www.kartaklienta.net or from Regional Representatives.

In order to initiate collaboration it is necessary to contact with a Regional Representative. You will find the contact in the CONTACT bookmark.

A Regional Representative will visit you in your company seat within 3 days at the latest.  They will help you gather all documents required for the execution of an agreement, discuss with you the content of such agreement and give you some training in how to place orders with the e-platform.

 The operation of the e-platform for placing orders is very easy and it is similar to the operation of social networking website such as NASZA-KLASA or FACEBOOK.

We invite you to collaboration with us - several hundred micro, small and medium size companies have already put their confidence in our e-platform. 

No, additional services are free for all the companies that sign a registration agreement with us. 

it will be possible to purchase first of all women’s clothes from the FACTORY e-platform Women’s clothes will represent 90% of the available assortment.

No, the way the Distributors decide to sell remains at the Distributors’ discretion. The FACTORY e-platform shall not interfere with Distributors’ selling policy.

The FACTORY e-platform warehouse is situated in the vicinity of Warsaw. You will find the address details in the CONTACT bookmark.

The goods ordered from the FACTORY e-platform can be collected from its warehouse situated in the vicinity of Warsaw. You will find the address details in the CONTACT bookmark.


Retail sales
Joanna Miecznikowska
tel. kom.: (+48) 575 101 283

Wioletta Twardowska

mobile phone: (+48) 784 000 935
On-line wholesale company


What Factory24 is?

Beause of the fact that development of fashion escalte very quickly, every week we provide new collection: over 50 different models from France, Italy, United Kindoms and Turkey. In Factory24 - YOU decide about size of your order and term of its implmentation. Cooperation with us doesn't cost anything and don't put on any responsibilities.

Belonging to purchase group

Distributor, who is the member of Factory24 society, through his belonging to purchase group, is provided the possibility of obtaining assistance in crisis situations. The assistance relating to trade support, technical support or ultimately financial support. Belonging to nationwide purchase group increases Distributor’s market reliability and opens him access to up-to-date solutions.

E-platform service package

We access to our partners professional Web site of Distributor’s firm and e-shop. It may be a new channel about information about the Company and new sale channel. E-platform services increase Company’s reliability and its effectiveness in customers acquiring. (particularly the loyalty program).